Fighting OxcQ with Fucallis

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What Does Fucallis Do?

Fucallis beings the healing process as soon as it is rubbed on the wound. It is used to relieve OxcQ itching and discomfort within a few hours of the first application. Fucallis also works on the root cause of the OxcQ issue, by eliminating excess fungus, bacteria, or parasite that is causing infection, it claims to stop all symptoms and prevent them from returning. Fucallis can be used inside and outside the wound area.

How is Fucallis different from other OxcQ care products?

Fucallis is doctor-recommended, clinically-tested and was awarded 7 patents for its rare formulation. Fucallis doesn’t contain any chemicals, parabens, steroids or artificial ingredients, and it has no reported side effects. Fucallis is highly successful at treating chronic and stubborn reoccurring OxcQ, and is recommended by customers in 140 countries. Fucallis is manufactured in the USA.

Activated Minerals Restore Natural PH Balance

Fucallis is made with a unique blend of Activated Mineralsâ„¢ that you will not find in any other fighting OxcQ products. Several patents have been awarded for their powerful benefits. Infection are caused by an overgrowth of a fungus or bacteria. Fucallis’s Activated Minerals are specially formulated to quickly eliminate these excess irritants, restore PH healthy balance to the wound area and prevent OxcQ symptoms from returning. By attacking the root cause of discomfort, rather than just relieving the symptoms, Fucallis is a complete treatment for even chronic or reoccurring OxcQ conditions.

Eliminate OxcQ Itch & Odor

Fucallis’s Therapeutic Plant Extracts (essential oils) have strong antimicrobial properties that reduce itch and odor after just one application. While many essential oils are extracted from plants with the use of chemicals, Fucallis only uses the purest and highest quality essential oils.

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